We offer Professional Computer Repair  Services.We Specialize in all brand name Desktop and Laptop Repair.

Cellphone and Tablet Repair

We will repair your cellphone or tablet for a low set price .Same day service on most repairs.

Virus Removal

Virus, Spyware and Malware Removal inlcludes complete scan of operating system and file documents. Includes free antivirus upon completion.

Windows or Mac Re-installation

Reinstall Mac or Windows operating system on your computer price includes installing drivers and needed software.

Complete PC Tune Up

Complete tune up of your Desktop or Laptop Computer.Includes defragmentation of hard drive, start up software removal, Browser extension optimization and System and Registry Tweaks.

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Password Removal

We will remove passwords from User accounts and some Bios passwords as well. We will need a receipt from Owner of product before we can do this service.

Data Backup and Recovery

Complete transfer of your data from one pc to another or from pc to external drive back up.

Laptop Jack Repair

Laptop jack repair for most major laptop manufacturers price includes 30 day warranty.

Laptop Screen Repair

We will repair or replace your damaged laptop screen.Price does not include hardware..

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